About the Master:

    The founder of REACT Academy Master Nischal has more than 28years of experience in martial arts and is black belt in Judo, Jujutsu and Karate. He is an instructor in Authentic Fu Shen Yuan Taichi and Krav-maga. Master Nischal is also trained in many deadly combat arts like World War II combat, Indian military unarmed combat, UAC etc. He is also trained in many Indian martial arts like Dommi Sammu,Vajramusti & Mallayudham.

   Many elite forces and legendary Masters from all over the world have trained Master Nischal. Master Nischal has done an in-depth research in self defense and psychology and he teaches these techniques which will help the students to win a fight before it starts. He has also done many researches in body language, awareness and other psychological aspects of self-defense. Master Nischal is now a consultant for many military units and other martial arts and self-defense organizations.

   The master's belief is, Self Defense and CQB tactics are more important to civilians than to military, to defend themselves against everything from common arguments to a terrorist attack. And he believes that every individual should learn these techniques for the safety of themselves and their loved ones.

Master Nischal with Sensei V.N Tiwari who trained him in Indian Military Unarmed Combat, WW II Combatives & Judo.

Guruji Nataraja Ramakrishna (Late) who trained him in Perini Shivathandavam warriors dance of Andhra.

Rangayya who trained him in Stick fighting.