Self-defence Seminar

REACT Combat School is currently offering differnet self defence seminars for women, childern, corporates etc.

Introduction ( Real Effective Advance Combative Techniques):

REACT Combat School is founded by Master Nischal for the whole purpose of promoting and spreading awareness about the importance of Self defense. REACT Combat School specializes in teaching Self-defense, Close quarter Combat (CQB) and Indian Martial arts.

About Master Nischal:

The founder of REACT Combat School Master Nischal has more than 30 years of experience in martial arts, self defense as well as armed and unarmed combat tactics, and is black belt holder in Judo, Jujutsu and Karate. He is an instructor in Authentic Fu Shen Yuan Taichi and Krav-maga. Master Nischal is also trained in many deadly combat arts like World War II combat, Indian military unarmed combat, UAC etc. He is also trained in many Indian martial arts like Dommi Sammu,Vajramusti & Mallayudham.

Many elite forces and legendary masters from all over the world have trained Master Nischal. Master Nischal has done in-depth research in self defense psychology and he teaches these techniques which will help the student’s to win a fight before it starts. He has also done many researches in body language, awareness and other psychological aspects of self-defense. Master Nischal is now a consultant for many military units and other martial arts and self-defense organizations.

As per Master Nischal, self-defense and CQB tactics are more important to civilians than to military, to defend themselves against everything from common arguments to a terrorist attack. And he believes that every individual should learn these techniques for the safety of themselves and their loved ones.


REACT has conducted many seminars in software companies like GE, Vodafone, Infosys, Wipro, CII and many more. and to other cooperation’s like TV9(trained women camera crew in ‘women self defense’). We have also hosted a television series on self-defense in ETV. Also we have featured in many TV Programs related to self-defense. We have also conducted many self-defense workshops for women, children and senior citizens organised in different schools, NGO's and corporations.

REACT Combat School is very famous in law enforcement for training CQB to many special forces all around India like Octopus Commandos, Intelligence Security Wing (ISW), CM security Group(CMSG), Undercover Police and many more.


REACT Combat School is currently offering the following self defense courses.

Basic Self-Defense Training
Duration: Two Hours
This course includes everything in the Basic awareness training, and also includes some self-defense drills, which will help students to deal with most common situations. There is no restriction on number of students that can participate in this session.

Advanced Self-Defense Training
Duration: Five Hours

This course includes everything in the Basic Self-Defense Training. It also contains advanced self-defense techniques such as defending oneself in different environments, dealing with different kind of threats etc.

Expert Self-Defense Training
Duration: Ten Hours

This is a complete self-defense course which include awareness, psychology, how to defend against most kind of threats, how to escape and evade, weapon disarming etc.


For more information or further details you can contact:
Mrs. Pratima - 09849012825
Mr. Santhosh - 09949013094