Thank you card from students of MERIDIAN SCHOOL for boys and girls madhapur for conducting a seminar on SELF DEFENCE during their safety week.

Dasika Gayathri

 "Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one's definition of your life, DEFINE YOURSELF"

 At times life is harsh, cruel and ruthless. Certain incidents alter the course and the very purpose of the journey. There is a paradigm shift in your outlook towards life. You are shattered. You are torn-apart, your confidence and self-belief had hit the rock bottom, and at the same time, you are assigned with the onerous responsibility of fulfilling your obligations, even though you are constantly in the jaws of danger. You either got to perform or perish. You got to rise from the ashes, like the proverbial phoenix. It is at one of such tough times, I joined REACT two years ago.


 The adage has engrossed my attention as it resonated with what I was going through at that point of my life. In fact, that sums up the spirit of REACT in a nut shell. During the two years, I understood and experienced that, the system of fighting taught at the Academy is unique and one of its kind. In addition to the technical aspects, the training imparted here builds up the two essential elements in any endeavour: supreme self-confidence and tenacious will power: to such exponential heights that, you refuse to admit defeat - whether physical or psychological. You become fearless and meet challenges head on. Nothing deters you from doing what you want. The transformation is in the attitude towards life. It is the change in the mind-set, which refuses to succumb, that which refuses to subordinate and above all, refuses to surrender.

 REACT has brought in a revolutionary change in my life and was instrumental in altering its course of journey. The spirit which the Academy instils is what is required in the present scenario. Today, I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Master Nischal Yodha for his guidance and also thank the Team for their support and cooperation.

 Similarly, I am very happy to announce that the blue print for the new branch which was being planned to be set up at my place is ready and it shall be made operational in due course of time.

Thank you.

Dear Master NIschal,
Greetings from CII - Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre!
It was wonderful to have you at CII - Godrej GBC as part of International Women's Day celebrations on Friday, March 15, 2013.
We truly enjoyed your session and would like to thank the React Academy team for the insightful and inspiring session on self-defense. Your session was an eye-opener for all of us and was very well received by all staff. The lessons given to us on self protection, different artifices to be used when in a dangerous situation, muscle memory and other basic tips on self-defense were extremely beneficial and will remain with us for a lifetime.
Your experience and knowledge was invaluable and we really look forward to having you at CII - Godrej GBC for another session on self-defense very soon.
Once again, thank you for the amazing session on self-defense.

S Raghupathy
Executive Director
CII - Godrej GBC

From Genpact

Thank you card from the students of Meridian School to Master Nischal for conducting Self defence workshop.